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I 751 interview reddit

Hang in there! Please consult the rules of this sub before adding a new post or comment. Disclaimer: This subreddit is not affiliated with U. Reddit is not a substitute for a real lawyer. If you need help finding legal services then you can click here for more information. My petition was delivered to them on Dec 7th but they only cashed my check on Jan 16th.

I should have received the Notice if it was mailed out on Jan 19th and urgently need it as I need to travel. Hey, have you received your notice of action as yet? My petition was delivered on the same day as yours.

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Payment may be made by credit card on our secure online payment system. Naturalization is the process of becoming a U. Thanks for connecting with our firm. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of new posts by email. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website.

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It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. Our standard pricing. Payment terms. Form I waiver good faith. Form I petition jointly filed. Hardship Waiver Form I Marriage-based adjustment of status.

i 751 interview reddit

Marriage visa CR-1, IR Naturalization N Coordinate case at local consulate level and prepare client for interview. Step 3 Prepare Form I adjustment of status application, along with supporting documentation including the Form I Affidavit of Support. This service is for a Form I petition prepared as a "waiver" petition, filed without the cooperation of the original U. We prepare the waiver on the basis of showing that the marriage was entered into in good faith and thereafter terminated.You will bring your marriage green card interview notice with you, along with all the other documents requested on the notice.

Next, make sure to plan to get there around 15 minutes early, that way you give yourself enough time to get situated and relax your mind before the green card interview.

The officer will then have you both raise your right hand to swear you in for the interview. Next, the officer may ask the foreign spouse to give his or her fingerprints and take another photo to match everything with the biometrics appointment. Afterwards, the officer will begin the interview. Individuals are encouraged to bring their own black or blue ink pens.

A cordial style interview is usually a friendlier and quicker interview process. Typically, ranging anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. However, an interrogation style interview can be more intimidating and stressful. The immigration officer after swearing you both in will then separate you both.

In addition, the officer is likely to ask where did you go together for your last special occasion, holiday, and even what did you do last weekend. Then the officer is also likely to ask you to name who else was in attendance at the above events.

In addition, during this type of interview, the officer is likely to ask that you draw a diagram of your residence including how many bedrooms and bathrooms, location of kitchen and dining room, etc. The officer will then ask what furniture is in each room and what color is each piece of furniture. Again, the officer is looking for any inconsistencies in your testimony with this line of questioning.

As you can see, inconsistent answers in your testimony to one of these green card interview questions can be a cause for the immigration officer to request a second interview also known as a Stokes interview, request more evidence of the validity of your marriage, or to issue a denial. Please understand that if the officer uses an interrogation style, it does not necessarily mean that there are any red flags with your case. But in some cases, it does mean that the officer suspects misrepresentation of the facts and or marriage fraud.

This type of interview can be very stressful and intimidating. Therefore, it is best to hire an immigration lawyer to help you prepare for either style of interview, so you can have peace of mind knowing that your fully prepared.

i 751 interview reddit

There are two important parts to the marriage green card interview process. First, you want to make sure to prepare for the marriage green card interview questions. When attending the interview make sure to dress well, but do not overdress, answer every question truthfully and honestly and answer only what the officer is asking of you.I sent my package in today, but I doubt USCIS will receive, accept and process my documentation before early next week.

Hi there! Good luck!! With the unavailability of a documented process aka guidance from the I instructionsI chose to do my own bidding Thanks for this - I was kind of thinking the same thing. Also, for page 1 9 and page 3 5 i can't type anything in because you can only fill those boxes with numbers if done online. If I do, do you think they will have an issue with the form being partially typed and partially handwritten?

I am so paranoid and don't want to have any RFEs or issues with this. With all of the delays and funding issues at the USCIS, I just want to get this done, and done right on the first try. Looking forward to your reply and thanks in advance. Faced the same problem Just a quick question. I want your guys opinion. I am going to file in early september, however on the website, they say that they will be updating the form soon.

As a result, I have not yet filled the form. So do you think I should keep waiting until maybe one week before the scheduled sending date First day of day window? Or i should fill it in advance? Because I am afraid that they gonna update soon and I would need to fill again. Not sure why. They've said that the form will be updating soon since earlybut haven't done so You can use the current form.

Also you have plenty of time to prepare! Your window does not open until Sep Good luck. If, in the worse case scenario, they update the form on the day I am going to send Or even when the file are en routedo I have to submit a new form, and they will return my package?

Or it is fine since the date I signed the form there was no new form avaialble? However, it is not in the list of Visa Journey website, I assume just they didn't put all field offices avaialble in the entire US right? So, we are back here and the waiting game begins. You should be fine. I am here too.So what exactly is a stokes interview and who is selected for one?

That is what we will discuss today and hopefully by the time you finish reading this post, you will rest a little easier tonight.

Top 70 Stokes Interview Questions And How To Pass Your Immigration Interview!

This post will detail the top 70 stokes interview questions that may be asked so that you can prepare for it if you are unlucky enough to be selected. First, if you are concerned about being selected for a stokes interview but have not been scheduled for one, you can avoid this process completely by passing your initial interview.

i 751 interview reddit

A stokes interview is generally used by the immigration officer to determine whether your marriage is legitimate. It is only done after you have already immigrated to the United States and not during the visa processing stage at the U.

So if you are currently waiting for your U. The specific reasons that the USCIS uses to select couples for a stokes interview is not public knowledge. Questions about your shared home: these are questions to find out whether you and your spouse live together and are familiar with the home that you share. Questions about your relationship: these are personal questions that most married couples should not have a problem answering.

If there are any discrepancies, you will be allowed to explain at the end of the stokes interview. Questions on your finances: these are questions about your finances and it determines whether you both share information about bills.

As you can see, the Stokes interview is more invasive and personal. If you are asked to come back for a second interview then it means that they are suspicious of marriage fraud. The best way to avoid a stokes interview is to make sure that you and your spouse are prepared for the initial interview.

Be prepared to answer these questions accurately but more importantly, make sure that you and your spouse are on the same page.

i 751 interview reddit

It is never a good idea to lie at an immigration interview, not matter how small you may think it is. Honesty is the best route when it comes to the immigration process. Your email address will not be published. Submit Comment. Top 5 reasons you may be selected for a stokes interview: Financial co-mingling: if you and your spouse do not co-mingle your finances and share bank accounts, credit cards, mortgage loans, car loans etc.

The USCIS believes there is higher chance of marriage fraud when a couple keeps their money separate. Tax filing status: if you and your spouse do not file jointly or have no reason to avoid filing jointly, you may be forced to show up for a stokes interview.

The USCIS uses statistics when it comes to immigration fraud and they have stats that may show that filing separately is used by many scammers. Living arrangement: you must live with your spouse for most of your marriage or have a really good reason for not living together.

Previous mismatched interview answers: if you and your spouse gave answers in your initial interview that contradicted previous answers, you will likely be asked to attend a stokes interview.

Questions That Are Asked At A Stokes Interview Questions about your shared home: these are questions to find out whether you and your spouse live together and are familiar with the home that you share. How many bedrooms do you have in your home? Who cleans the house?

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What day is the garbage picked up? How many windows do you have in your house?

101 Marriage Green Card Interview Questions and Tips - What to Expect in 2021

What type of curtains or window coverings are in your living room? What color? How many doors are in your house? How many staircases are in your house?

Is there a carpet in your front hallway?Now, what happens after you submit your Form I? Within three weeks from submitting your I, you will receive a receipt by mail. This receipt is called Form I — Notice of Action.

It also serves as an extension to your conditional residence for a year while your I is being processed.

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It will come with a ten-digit number that you can use to check the status of your application. Both the I and expired green card are necessary to prove conditional residency status. You should also get an extension stamp or an I stamp in your passport. To read more about that, check out this article. Within four weeks of filing, you will receive a notice detailing a biometrics appointment. At your biometrics, you will record your fingerprints, photograph, and signature.

Learn more about the biometrics appointment. Within 6 monthssome applicants will receive an interview requirement notice. If you submit your own I form, it will take months to process; however, if your spouse submits the waiver application, it can take up to 12 months. A waiver application undergoes a more stringent screening process and often requires an interview.

If the waiver application is accepted as legitimate, they will not feel a confirming interview is necessary. This is why providing valid proof of relationship e.

I-751 Petition Interviews

Should you be asked to attend an interview, preparation counsel from an attorney prior to the interview is recommended. If you have used Simple Citizen and would like to schedule a call with our legal team, reach out to us at support simplecitizen. Within 8 monthsyour application should be fully processed, and your Petition to Remove Conditions granted and green card issued. Keep in mind that the time frame is different for each form, and the entire process may take up to a year.

If you feel like your form request has extended beyond the regular processing time, visit this USCIS website.Hello everyone! Has anyone here had an interview for I? I wonder what questions they ask and how long it takes. Just want to have an idea. Many have had an interview but not the majority, if VJ stats are a good indicator. Having an interview is not a sign of anything wrong.

The types of questions asked will depend on your circumstances, much like an AOS or K-1 interview. A very small sample include "Where did you meet? Things any ordinary couple would know.

What happens after submitting your I-751 – Petition to Remove Conditions?

Most interviews tend to take minutes I'll defer to others but that's the perception I've received from others. In rare cases, it can take over an hour, such as if they separate you and your spouse and ask you both the same questions to compare answers. This is not common The questions here might be more in-depth, like asking about colors of curtains i.

If your case doesn't have red flags and you have "normal" relationship evidence, expect either the interview waived or a simple interview. AOS :. Social Security card being issued in married name 3rd attempt! Also, once you have the interview for you I, will they tell you when will you get your GC? You can ask if they will approve or not. No guarantees if they will give you a satisfactory response. They may need to review the case more, get a supervisor to sign off, etc. What are your plans for the future?

IO also asked for any additional evidence that we had not submitted with the original packet. She took everything we had, which included new leases, bank statements, utility bills, travel proof, etc. On average, if you submit more evidence beforehand, you will have an easier interview. IO told us we were approved and the card would come in the mail, but they said it could take a couple weeks.

We did not ask this, the IO just said it at the end of the interview, have no idea if that is common or not. I am the petitioner. Other browsers may not work! Millefleur and Geowrian. Thank you so much. This is so helpful. I appreciate it. We have all the evidence like joint account, mortgage, insurance, utility bills, tax return and pictures from some of our trips. I think the only negative is, we have a different address right now.

So did you get your GC already and how long did it take for you? But everything else, we have everything to show. We will both go to the interview too.

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